ashtanga for beginners

A Letter from Melanie –

Ashtanga is my primary passion.  I had no idea when I ventured to Mysore, India at age 25 and knocked on the door of a cute old man named Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and his generous wife, Amma, that I would be setting the course for my life.

Pattahbi Jois had a famous saying, “Take practice and all is coming.”  For me, this line has held true. Ashtanga has carried me through my life; provided for me financially, fed me spiritually, strengthened my being and enriched my soul.

Even in dark hours, it was a light shining through, piercing the darkness.

Twenty one years later, I continue to grow and learn through its lens.  But it’s sharing of Ashtanga with others that brings me the greatest joy.

So with an open heart and great excitement, I welcome you to Ashtanga Yoga Room. The traditional practice is six days a week, taking off new and full moon days and, for women, abstaining during your cycle. While I strongly encourage the traditional program, you should begin where you’re comfortable.

Start with what you can commit to realistically.  Regardless whether you practice six days a week or two days a week, it won’t take long to feel the results.

Melanie Fawer


Ashtanga Yoga Room