Four Unexpected Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga

The benefits of Ashtanga yoga are like no other. To make sure you get the most out of this powerful practice, it is crucial to get as close to the source as possible. Melanie Fawer studied under Pattabhi Jois, the father of Ashtanga yoga, for 15 years and teaches the way she was taught.

1. Takes “me time” to another level. In our daily lives we are overstimulated. Work obligations, family responsibilities and noise from outside overwhelm our senses constantly. Malaysia . A dedicated Ashtanga practice brings you back to yourself on a daily basis keeping you centered. Your inner world is replenished and nourished so there is more of you to go around.

2. Gives you back years of your life. Morning Ashtanga practitioners report they feel “calm” and “energized” after morning practice. “Present” comes up most often. “Ready to take on the day.” “Non-reactive.” Evening practitioners report they feel “decompressed,” “relaxed,” “unwound.” Ashtanga relieves your body of nagging pains and your mind of ongoing worries. It’s like getting an internal massage every day giving you a youthful glow and presence.

3. Relieves stress more effectively. Breath awareness is front and center in this practice. Through constant focus on the breath you recognize long established breathing patterns and correlative behavioral patterns. This deeper awareness allows you to breath more effectively and alter patterns of unwanted behavior. Greater awareness of the breath extends to all facets of your life. For example, in a heated situation rather than act out of anger you might wait until you’re back in your rational mind to respond.

4) Creates a blueprint for wellbeing. A consistent Ashtanga practice ultimately gets rooted to your being so that when you do not do it your mind and body feel the difference. Without it you may notice you eat more poorly, you are more easily agitated, if you have a history of depression symptoms may reemerge, old body aches return, or your body temperature deregulates. To live to our full potential each and every day, we need to live from our authentic self. In a world where there are so many external influences taking us away from our true nature, a daily Ashtanga practice takes you back inside to your center.

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