How I Decided to Become an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher (Part One)

by Elizabeth Carroll
Current Teacher Training Student

It was not until I discovered Ashtanga that I would say I really fell in love with yoga.

On my first visit to the Ashtanga Yoga Room, I had no idea what made Ashtanga different from other types of yoga I had tried. I entered the second floor studio and really liked the energy of the space. The room was sparse and clean. It felt peaceful and relevant, without pretension.

I remember it was a small class that evening with only one or two other students. The instructor Robert gave me a brief overview of Ashtanga and started me out on Suryanamaskara A and B. These were postures I was familiar with, but felt I was doing them for the very first time. It actually seemed like I was doing my first yoga class ever. Any ego I had developed in my yoga career went out the window.

I was a beginner again, but this was not a discouraging feeling at all. I loved the challenge. I loved the precision. I loved the intentionality. I left feeling like I had found my yoga and I was eager for more.

Now, one year later, I have finally made it through the entire Primary Series and have also completed Teacher Training. Some days it feels like a love/hate relationship with the practice, but I am still very much in love with Ashtanga.

I have come a long way, but have a lifetime to go.

Under the leadership of Melanie Fawer, the Ashtanga Yoga Room offers an 8-month, 1 weekend per month, teacher training where students receive a 200-hour Certification that can apply to Vinyasa, Hatha or Ashtanga classes.

For more details, visit our website page at www.ashtangayogaroom.com/event-types/teacher-training/

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