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Mysore Style
This class is like having a private yoga class in a group setting. The unique style of teaching originated in India and is the traditional and ideal method for learning Ashtanga. The instructor works with you one-on-one to introduce you to the main facets of Ashtanga yoga: movement (vinyasa), breath (ujjayi), gaze (dristi), and internal energy locks (bandha). This teaching is done in the framework of learning Sun Salutations and Standing poses. Each pose is individually tailored to meet your specific physical needs and ability level. You develop in your own practice and work at your own breath rate. After the Standing poses, you learn the Primary Series in the same manner. The Primary Series is a sequence of seated postures followed by back bends, inversions, and taking rest.

Guided Full Primary
This class supports and reinforces your Mysore-Style practice, yet can stand alone. The instructor guides you through the Primary Series at her count, allowing you to experience the flow of motion and breath. You just have to follow along. Modifications are available to meet you at your ability level.

Intro to Ashtanga
This course goes over the basics. It’s great for students who are new to yoga, yoga practitioners who want to learn more about Ashtanga, or anyone wanting a refresher course. In this class, you are introduced to the main principles of Ashtanga: breath (ujjayi), eye focus (dristi), correlation of breath and movement (vinyasa), and internal energy locks (bandha) by learning equal standing pose (samasthiti) and Sun Salutations. We take our time and address individual questions and concerns along the way – a nurturing Ashtanga beginning. 

Lunchtime Yoga
This is a Guided Half Primary Series class. It is an opportunity to regroup in the middle of the day and offers ample modifications to meet your individual needs. Often taught by the principal oboist of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, Jaren Atherholt, you will often find yourself surrounded by talented musicians.  By moving with your breath you de-stress, refocus and reinvigorate. You will leave feeling stronger, safer, more supple and replenished.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga is the path towards healing which occurs through real rest.  Restorative poses increase range of joint mobility, while reducing pain and the physical effects of stress on our bodies. Restorative poses are held for longer amounts of time (5-20 minutes) and completely supported by props to bring the body into a grounded position, without stress or strain. This workshop will leave students feeling rested, nourished and refreshed.

Private Instruction
Three Reasons to Take a Private Class:
1. Special needs can occasionally be more than a Mysore Style class can handle. A private session can be a great way to start to integrate into Mysore classes;
2. Some people just prefer one-on-one instruction with complete privacy and do not mind the extra cost;
3. Get undivided attention for every posture, adjustments in every posture, or isolate a specific area for improvement. Tailor your session to your own specific questions, concerns and needs.

Observe a Class
Prospective students are always welcome to visit any class on the schedule before diving in. Melanie’s guru Sri K. Pattahbi Jois introduced her to Ashtanga yoga in India by having her watch first. She was hooked before she even hit the mat!

Awareness Through Movement
The only non-Ashtanga class on the schedule, Awareness Through Movement (ATM) is a verbally-guided sequence that engages your body’s natural intelligence in a gentle and pleasurable way. ATM helps improve motor function by facilitating ease and efficiency of movement, improving balance, and increasing coordination. Your instructor, Evelyn Rodos is a licensed member of the Feldenkrais Guild. Open to all ages and abilities. Please contact Evelyn prior to taking the class: www.makeyourbodysmarter.com

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